Deatchant top 5 Most Wanted

on December 24, 2023
Top 5 Hottest DC Items of 2023

Discover the Top 5 Hottest DC Items of 2023

Explore Planet Ironfist's top 5 most sought-after Deatchant (DC) treasures—ancient relics and cosmic wonders reigning supreme in the DC Universe's fashion cosmos.

5. Deathchant logo tee

Picture this: classic white print, the Holy Grail of Planet Iron Fist fashion. And guess what? These bad boys aren't just one-trick ponies; they come in more shades than your mood swings on a Monday morning. Get ready to elevate your style game with these DC Universe treasures—guaranteed to have you looking fly as ever!

Deathchant logo tee

4. DC Meat Machine Tee

Legends swirl around this DC design, sparked by an unusual encounter between a deer and the princess of Planet Ironfist. Fast forward to Hellfish indulging in the unexpected delight of deer testicles, a peculiar meal that left him surprisingly enchanted. It's said this design pays homage to that cosmic culinary adventure, blending the unexpected and the chic in the fascinating tapestry of the DC Universe's style.

DC Meat Machine Tee

3. Deathchant Bomber Jacket

The inaugural DC Bomber jacket made its grand entrance to the cheers of Planet Ironfist—a sturdy, fly garment tough enough to brave the wildest weather. Whispers abound that Hellfish stashed away some of these coveted jackets in his vaults. Rumor has it, by the king's decree, these vaults shall crack open in early 2024, unleashing this cosmic fashion gem once more upon the realms.

Deathchant Bomber Jacket

2. History of DC Tee

This design holds a similar reverence as Christians printing the 10 commandments on a t-shirt. It's a tribute to all 100 Deathchants, shaping humanity's capacity to rave and forming the very foundation for King Hellfish's reign in power. It's a fusion of cosmic reverence and a nod to the forces that have shaped both culture and sovereignty on Planet Ironfist.

History of DC Tee

1. DC est. 1994 Tee

On Planet Iron Fist, within DC's legacy, the 'DC est. 1994 tee' emerges, as the oracle of Iron Fist speaks of a cosmic omen as 2024 nears—the grand 30-year mark of DC's epic saga. In this celestial tale, it hints at a sequence of remarkable events, igniting an imminent Deatchant frenzy! Stay tuned to DC's socials or join the Phonkcartel Newsletter for an insider's view into the prophecy spoken by Iron Fist's oracle.

DC est. 1994 Tee

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