HKV Germany 2024: The Noizedizorder - Artist Spotlight

on December 01, 2023
HKV Germany 2024: The Noizedizorder - Artist Spotlight

HKV Germany 2024: The Noizedizorder - Artist Spotlight


About The Noizedizorder

Introducing The Noizedizorder, a young German DJ and producer who joined the HKV clan in 2022. Setting the HKV stage ablaze in 2023, his innovative beats and style set high expectations for 2024. We've spoken to the man himself, and he's given us the inside scoop—keep an eye on this rising star for an electrifying musical journey in the coming year

HKV & The Noizedizorder Collaborations

  • 2022: The Noizedizorder - 'The Full Throttled EP' (digital)
  • 2023: Dominator HKV Stage

Event Details

Event: HKV Germany
Location: Elektrokuche, Koln, Germany
Date: January 13, Friday, 2024
Organizer: PH Events
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