[Merch] February update Phonkcartel

on February 20, 2024
PhonkCartel February Update

Welcome to the PhonkCartel February Update! This month, we have three new drops for you featuring Stroid, Hong Kong Violence, and Bruhze.


Stroid is the angry, dirty, long-lost cousin of DC. Only the most ruthless samples and wildest beats. Where Deathchant might stab you in the back, Stroid would pour acid in your mum's bath and stream it live on YouTube. Be the Alpha now at every rave. Shop here now.

Stroid Alpha Tee

Hong Kong Violence

HKV brought us four jackets into the mix, two Bomber jackets and two Wind Jackets.

The Olive Bomber 2.0 is the reborn of the classic olive HKV bomber, back in ultra-high quality and sustainable.

For now, the HKV essential Bomber is on notification mode. Register now and get a €10 discount on the jacket!

The two Wind jackets are a perfect addition for every raver's wardrobe. Lightweight and protects you from wind and rain perfectly. Shop here now.

HKV Essential Bomber Jacket HKV Olive Bomber 2.0 HKV Grey Windjacket HKV Burgundy Windjacket


PhonkCartel has collaborated with Bruhze to create two new designs based on his favorite anime. Also dropping a black hoodie with the already iconic Bruhze logo. Did you know the Chinese logos mean "Ho Long," which is Bruhze's real Chinese name? Shop here now.

Bruhze Eva Tee Bruhze Eva Grey Tee