[Music] Coming soon Creatures of the Occult, Detest & Drokz

on September 19, 2022

This fall will start with 3 music releases that you don't want to miss out. 

Creatures of The Occult : 23th September 2020

 Creatures of the Occult is back. The Dark new Beginnings EP will contain 2 tracks that 100% give you the Dark Doom Terror Experience. This release is also the first release under the brand new label: Terrorheads. Founded and run by The OG Drokz him selves, our expectations are high

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HKV002 Part 2 by Detest: 7th October 2022

Probably the most delayed and anticipated HKV release of all times. Part 1, which was "The Return" can be considered a classic already and is still played till today on the biggest stages. HKV002 part 2 will have 2 tracks. Beer Pressure is a collab between Detest and Drokz and it is an ode to their favourite drink. We got our first sip at Harmony of Hardcore  we are pretty  sure we want more. We can also expect a remix of the Detest HKV all time classic The Hunter by Deathmachine.  With all those legendary artist combined, we think it was worth all the waiting.

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Detest- Tokyo : 14th October 2022

The Third instalment of Detests own label DTS. This time, as the track name shows, Detest takes us to a journey to the far east. We are curious how the end result will be, ragging floorkiller beats combined with Japanese influences

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