[Music] Dankin - Yeah Boy Rave

on September 08, 2023
  • Dankin - Yeah Boy Rave
  • Release date: 8th sept 2023
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In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, there's always a buzz surrounding groundbreaking releases. However, the excitement reaches new heights when it's all about the "first time." That's exactly what the debut release of Dankin and Uniq promises to deliver.

But who exactly are Dankin? Well, they're none other than two distinguished OGs (Original Gangstas) from the Hardcore and Breakcore scene. Meet Dan, widely recognized as Doormouse, and Kin, known as Akira among enthusiasts of these electrifying genres. Both legends have decided to join forces and create something extraordinary to shake up the scene once more.

What sets this release apart is not just the remarkable talent of its creators, but also the birth of "Uniq." Uniq is a fresh record label, brought to life by the young and dynamic force known as Bruhze. With a vision to introduce the world to a brand-new sonic experience, Bruhze is determined to redefine the boundaries of Hardcore and rave sounds.

In an industry known for its relentless innovation, Dankin and Uniq's inaugural release promises to be a pivotal moment that will leave a lasting mark on the Hardcore and Breakcore landscape. It's a celebration of talent, a fusion of experience and youth, and an electrifying journey into uncharted musical territory. Stay tuned, because Dankin and Uniq are about to set the Hardcore scene on fire with their fresh, boundary-pushing sounds.