[Music] Mykoz - There is storm coming

on February 22, 2023

Introducing "There is a Storm Coming" by Mykoz - the first digital release from Sealand Recordings. Mykoz, a rising star from Antwerpen, Belgium, is making waves in the industrial scene with his unique sound.

This EP features two tracks. The first track, "There is a Storm Coming," is a raw and hard industrial banger that will leave you craving more. The driving rhythms, distorted synths, and heavy bass lines are a testament to Mykoz's exceptional talent as a producer.

"Run Away" is a track by Mykoz that highlights his versatility as an artist. This atmospheric track is filled with a wide range of musical variations, demonstrating different aspects of Mykoz's creative style. 

Both tracks are now available on all streaming and download platforms, so be sure to check out "There is a Storm Coming" by Mykoz and experience the future of industrial music.

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