[Music] The 3Eyed - Phonky Pain EP

on April 12, 2024

The 3Eyed, known offstage as Florian Schwingshackl, has emerged as a distinctive voice in the underground electronic music world. Born in 1991 in Brunico, Italy, he started his musical exploration in 2011, evolving his style and sound ever since.

Phonky Pain EP: Melody Meets Memory

The first track of the EP perfectly blends catchy tunes with a touch of nostalgia, creating a dynamic rhythm that connects the past with the present. So catchy that DJ Akira chose it as the first track to play at the legendary DC50 party.

Diving into "The Pain"

"The Pain" offers a deep dive into The 3Eyed's musical psyche, blending haunting electronic and industrial elements. The track's heavy bass and crisp beats underline his unique musical signature, showcasing his ability to convey intense emotions and complex soundscapes.


The 3Eyed