[Music] The Suicide Soda EP by Coretex feat. MIDI War (Out now)

on May 06, 2022
The Suicide Soda EP

Coretex has established himself as a stronghold for hardcore techno phonk, Keep in mind he just started writing this style only a few years but already accomplished what other artists accomplished within the genre for years.

Every song is at an alarmingly fast tempo,racing to the end yet still maintaining a certain cool balance,never getting too complex for its own good.

Murakami Takahisa (Coretex) throws in a sample of some sort to create some actual melody, but only serving as background to the ferocious kickdrums, but never gets bored.

For amen-shenigans the MIDI War remix is absolutely breath-taking in every sense of the word.

Japan can be proud having a new artist like Coretex & MIDI War, becomes a gem and a pure beauty of electronic music.

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