[Music] Tokio Phonk EP by Coretex & Midiwar (Out Now)

on July 02, 2021
Tokio Phonk EP
  • Label: Hong Kong Violence
  • Cat: HKVDIGEE012
  • Artist: Coretex & Midiwar
Coretex aka Murakami Takahisa, is an artist that excites us – he works hard, plays harder and has an incredibly positive outlook on how to achieve success in the hardcore techno scene. Tokio Phonk Beatz is his biggest release to date and it’s absolutely bursting at the seams with energy thanks to its frantic, chopped-up sampling abuse, mixed and chopped with Japanese finesse.

Collab track Today is Another Boming with MIDI war is a gem with lots of ear candy hip hop sampling to feast your ears, halfway through, some female vocals to spice things up and all of a sudden we’re back in the zone throwing our hands skyward. Sick.




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